Web3 payment solution

Development and integration of payment solutions which will enable merchants to accept. We help you to implement the payment solutions adapted to your specific needs. Our technical and legal expertise is a key element to minimize uncertainties regarding security, compliance feasibility.

Means of payment avalaible

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Online payment

Implementation of online payment solution

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Payment terminal

Integration of payment terminal

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Mobile payment application

Development of payment application on your devices (Wallet)

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Installation of dedicated ATM solution

Web3 Payment Solution

It allows to perform user-to-user transactions without the need to rely on a trusted third party. This new generation of payment service allows you to immediately integrate an open source solution without having to solicit an external service.

This universal means of exchanging value obtains significant gains in terms of processing time (seconds) and fees (centimes. Online commerce and cross boarder exchanges will also benefit from the security provided by cryptography that is natively integrated within Web3 technology.


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Low transaction fees

No hidden fees, only fix-rate charge unrelated to the number or the amount of the transactions

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No charge back risk

Such as cash, every transaction is definitive and irreversible

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Universal payment

Instantly accepting cross border payments without exorbitant transfer bank fees

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Increase your sales

Boost your sales and stand out from your competitors.